Our Children’s Ministry here at Cleft of The Rock Family Church is second to none.  We provide ministry for children of all ages.


Nursery (Ages 0-2)

Not only has a professional and caring staff, but

takes place in a very inviting and comfortable setting in the center of

our Children’s wing. We utilize a safe and reliable Parent/Child check-in

and notification system, and take great care in providing an atmosphere

filled with personal interaction, play time, and special attention to all

your young ones needs... Spirit, Soul, & Body.


Toddler Classroom (Ages 2-4)

We know that these little people have lots of energy, and have created

an exciting and interactive space for them. This classroom not only has

a professional and trained staff, but it has been creatively designed just

for Toddlers. From the fun and exciting Color Themed Room, to the our

miniature Bounce House and Learning Stations, right down to a Kid

Sized Restroom to accommodate those training stages, it is never to

early to begin your child’s Christian Education.


Primary (Ages 5-7)

This Primary age classroom is like stepping into a beautiful summer

day, with exciting Banners and Age Appropriate Learning and Activity

Spaces. As with all of our Children’s Department Staff, they are not just

babysitting your children, they are providing a fun and safe

environment, filled with plenty of positive interaction and age

appropriate lesson plans.


Junior Youth (Ages 8-12)

This classroom is designed for the maturing and developing age group,

complete with age appropriate Video Game Stations, A Large & Exciting

Meeting Space, Uplifting and Interactive Worship & Teaching Sessions,

complete with Lights, Sound, & Media. Your child will enjoy coming to

church so much, that you’ll never have to make them come...they’ll want

to all on their own!


All Classrooms

We provide video surveillance cameras in all of our classrooms, for that

added sense of confidence for every parent. You may view your child

interacting is his/her classroom at any time from our video monitor

screen located in the main hallway of the children’s education wing of

the church.